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Privacy Policy

Last Updated on 23-May-2018

Qreoo is a crowdsourced search engine. So, the data we collect are voluntary and most of it are from and open to public. We encourage you to share only the information that you are willing to share with others.

Your Email ID’s will always be protected and will not be shared other than legal requests. Your passwords are double encrypted for protection. New password has to be generated if you have forgotten the password.

We use the data we collect to provide you the services we offer, which includes using data to improve and personalize your experiences. We also may use the data for security updates and product improvement. And we use data to help make the ads we show you more relevant to you.

Qreoo does not track you with cookies. We respect your privacy. The data collected are IP address in some cases and what you provide only for internal use to develop better services. This information’s will always be protected and will not be sold to any company or person.

We only share your personal data with your consent to provide any service you have requested or authorized. The personal data is only used to show some of your profile information for others to identify.

Qreoo collects only open information that websites allow us to collect while the link is shared with us. We do not hold any copyright over the images the websites or users share with us. Any infringement material will be taken down immediately on request.

Any complaints, abuse or concerns with regards to the processing of information provided by you or breach of these terms shall be immediately informed through email to

In Legal Terms

This privacy policy explains our policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of your information by Qreoo and/or its subsidiary(ies) and/or affiliate(s) (collectively referred to as the "Company"), which operates various websites and other services including but not limited to delivery of information and content via any mobile or internet connected device or otherwise (collectively the "Services"). This privacy policy forms part and parcel of the Terms of Use for the Services.

As we update, improve and expand the Services, this policy may change, so please refer back to it periodically. By accessing the Company website or this Application or otherwise using the Services, you consent to collection, storage, and use of the personal information you provide (including any changes thereto as provided by you) for any of the services that we offer.

The Company respects the privacy of the users of the Services and is committed to reasonably protect it in all respects. The information about the user as collected by the Company is: (a) information supplied by users and (b) information automatically tracked while navigation (c) information collected from any other source (collectively referred to as Information).